Friday, September 28, 2007

Pandemonium - First Impressions

The first thing that strikes you about Pandemonium is the squalor. People packed in upon people, all packed together in a miserable city-wide slum. As soon as we stepped off the freighter, I wished for the sterility of the open desert. Anything would be better than this pit of despair.
The excitement started early. Our intrepid group soon spotted a Hazat noble about to be jumped by a gang of Chainers. The ensuing fight was nothing worth mentioning; weak opponents, easily defeated. The noble was duly impressed and thankful for the timely intervention, and offered to take us somewhere to someone important. I think I missed a few key points there as I was checking the bodies of the Muster thugs.
Soon enough, we found ourselves headed out into the open desert, mounted on horses procured from somewhere or other. I think that must be some type of magic known only to the nobles. In any case, I was more than glad to be rid of the city and its stink. Along the way to somewhere important (I really should pay more attention when the knights are talking), a group of... hobos seems to be the right word... a group of these rag-clad villains accosted us, no doubt hungry for the valuable tech my companions carry. Perhaps the Avestites have a point when they say technology is evil; it certainly does attract its share of trouble.
Not that these peasants presented any trouble. Hoping to overwhelm us with numbers, they only have us more targets. Weak, undisciplined fools.
So now here I sit, waiting for the news from this Hazat lord, who no doubt has some urgent need of our service. I've got a feeling about this one; something big is going to happen here on this miserable hell-hole of a world.

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